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All product manuals posted here are for customers and prospective customers. Prospective customers may use them to evaluate Micro Digital products, in order to make a decision about purchasing them.

IMPORTANT: All of the manuals and other information available from this page are copyrighted by Micro Digital or their author. They may be downloaded for use by you or your workgroup, only. Others must obtain access to this page to get them. Do not share materials downloaded from this page with others outside your workgroup.

By downloading anything from this site, you agree to the above terms.

SMX v3 and v4 manuals are on the support site (Old Manuals section)

SMX® Quick Start (PDF) [Rev. 12/21] 173K
This manual covers installation, getting started, and global concepts for the SMX Modular RTOS.

SMX® Target Guide (PDF) [Rev. 12/21] 261K
This manual discusses CPU and Tool issues.

SecureSMX® User's Guide Peek (PDF) [Rev. 12/21] 321K
Excerpts from this manual to show TOC and representative sections. The full manual is available to customers and prospects under NDA.

smxBase™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 12/18/21] 315K
This manual discusses the common definitions, API's, and centralized porting layer shared by all middleware products below.

smx® User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 12/21] 1.2M
This manual thoroughly discusses the workings of smx.

smx® Reference Manual (PDF) [Rev. 12/21] 812K
This manual thoroughly documents all smx calls, terminology, and kernel structures.

smx++™ Developer's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 7/20] 303K
Complete smx++ documentation.

eheap™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 12/21] 457K
Complete eheap embedded heap documentation.
File I/O

smxCD™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 8/27/13] 55K
Complete smxCD CD-ROM file system documentation.

smxFS™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 10/8/21] 443K
Complete smxFS  FAT file system documentation.

smxFFS™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 10/8/21] 165K
Complete smxFFS flash file system documentation.
Also download the smxNAND or smxNOR User's Guide.

smxFLog™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 11/18/19] 151K
Complete smxFLog documentation.

smxNAND™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 2/3/17] 189K
Complete documentation for the NAND Flash Driver.

smxNOR™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 11/18/19] 96K
Complete documentation for the NOR Flash Driver.

smxNS™ User's Manual (PDF) [Rev 9/18] 1.13M
Complete smxNS and smxNS6 documentation.
Also see USNet PowerPoint Presentations.

smxWiFi™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 10/5/20] 348K
Complete smxWiFi documentation.

smxUSBD™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 11/11/20] 4.7M
Complete smxUSBD Device Stack documentation.

smxUSBH™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 12/18/20] 559K
Complete smxUSBH Host Stack documentation.

smxUSBO™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 8/8/11] 125K
smxUSBO OTG (On The Go) documentation.
Also download the smxUSBD and/or smxUSBH User's Guides.

C/PEG™ Programming Manual (PDF) [Rev. 6/06] 1.2M
C/PEG™ API Reference Manual (PDF) [Rev. 1/06] 2.9M
C/PEG™ Development Toolkit Manual (PDF) [Rev. 10/07] 912K
C/PEG™ Utilities Addendum (PDF) [Rev. 10/07] 40K

PEG™ Programming Manual (PDF) [Rev. 5/11] 674K
PEG™ API Reference Manual (PDF) [Rev. 2/14] 3.7M
PEG™ WindowBuilder Manual (PDF) [Rev. 5/11] 1.8M
Floating Point

GoFast User's Guide [Rev. 11/11/09] 650K
Complete GoFast documentation for most processors.

GoFast 8051 User's Guide [Rev. 8/17/10] 502K
GoFast 8096 and Z80 User's Guide [Rev. 10/21/09] 183K
GoFast x86 User's Guide [Rev. 5/12/06] 247K
Complete GoFast documentation for indicated processors.
Development Tools

smxAware™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 12/18/21] 1.2M
Documentation for the smxAware DLL that adds smx kernel-awareness to these debuggers:  IAR EWARM®. Also documents smxAware GAT and smxAware Live.
Legacy Products

pmEasy® Developer's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 3/10] 1.0MB
Complete pmEasy documentation.

unDOS™ / unWin™ Developer's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 10/10] 169K
Complete unDOS / unWin documentation.

SuperTask!™ / MultiTask™ Manuals
Complete documentation for the SuperTask!/MultiTask! multitasking kernel.

USFiles™ Manuals
Complete documentation for USFiles file manager.

USNet™ Manuals
Complete documentation for USNet TCP/IP stack and add-on packages.

Soft-Scope™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 5/97] 1.7MB
CSi-Mon™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 2/98] 321KB
CSi-Locate™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 6/96] 13MB (scanned)
USLink™ User's Guide (PDF) [Rev. 12/99] 409MB
Complete documentation for Soft-Scope family of products.
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Development Tools


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