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Micro Digital, Inc., founded in 1975, was one of the first embedded-systems software companies in the market. Initially, it was an engineering company, providing hardware and software design services to OEMs. After many years, the company transitioned into an embedded software product developer. Throughout its history, Micro Digital has been dedicated to providing high-quality services and developing excellent products. These have been developed with our customers' needs in mind, and with emphasis on quality, support, and documentation. They are provided with no royalties, full source code, and free trial.

Micro Digital is the developer of SMX® RTOS and SecureSMX®. SMX began with the smx multitasking kernel released in 1989, and continued with the release of many middleware and other modules, to form a complete RTOS. Each module of SMX RTOS is a strong product on its own, and all are tightly integrated to work well together. SecureSMX, our secure RTOS, enables OEMs to incorporate effective security protection into their embedded and IoT devices within reasonable time and cost constraints. It allows dividing software for ARM Cortex-M microcontroller-based embedded systems into isolated partitions, to limit hacker invasions so they cannot reach sensitive data, keys, passwords, and other vital information, nor access code or I/O in other partitions. We have changed our focus to security.

Micro Digital provides training and support from the programmers who wrote the code, and we work with customers to solve problems and keep their projects moving smoothly. We are a privately owned company. Because of this, we are able to put the needs of our customers first, not shareholders. This is demonstrated by our customer-first support policy — customer support is put ahead of our own product development. We are not forced to follow a rapid growth path mandated by outside investors. The needs of our customers provide our impetus.

As is evidenced by our longevity, Micro Digital is a stable company that knows how to survive challenging times as well as good. Micro Digital is in business long-term and will continue to provide new and improved products to our valued customers and partners.

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