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Micro Digital’s mission is to provide reasonably priced, no-royalty software products to our embedded system customers to enable them to get their products to market quickly. We achieve this with:

1. Stable, industry-proven products - smx has been on the market for over 30 years, and Micro Digital has been in the embedded systems industry for over 45.

2. Security - As devices are connected to the Internet, security is increasingly vital, so we developed SecureSMX to allow dividing an application into isolated partitions to limit the scope of invasions. This protects critical and sensitive data and the core functionality of the device. This is offered for Cortex-M processors with a Memory Protection Unit (MPU).

3. Broad product line - smx is one of the few kernels to offer a C++ API in addition to a C API, and we are one of the few vendors to offer a WiFi stack and floating point library.

4. In-depth support - We provide turn-key support for many processors, including startup code, BSP code, controller drivers, and helpful processor notes. For almost all supported processors, controller drivers are available for our middleware products (file systems, USB, TCP/IP, etc.) This in-depth support allows our customers to start immediately developing their own application code.

5. Tool integration - We have selected the best development tools from other vendors, and we have invested significant effort to integrate them with our products. This saves our customers countless non-productive hours solving tool problems instead of developing their own products. smxAware greatly simplifies understanding and debugging multitasking systems. It is integrated with popular embedded debuggers.

6. Modular RTOS - Why pay for what you don't need? A quick look at our Products page shows that SMX is a very modular solution. This not only saves unnecessary expense, but it also simplifies the development process and reduces memory footprint.

7. Integrated platform - We are proud of our integrated platform that we call the Protosystem (proto meaning beginning). We pre-install and deliver a working, integrated Protosystem containing all products ordered. Thus, integration time is minimized.

8. Direct programmer support - No help desk. Our customers deal directly with our engineers.  This ensures you get the best support possible. We recognize that a quick, correct answer can save countless hours, days, or even weeks of valuable time.

9. Other Important Factors
  • Free Evaluation is possible for popular boards before issuing a purchase order.
  • 30-day free trial on all products to help assure our customers that they have made the right decision.
  • 90-day free support and updates is included in the purchase price.
  • 24-hour response to all support requests.
  • Support web site for product fixes, enhancements, tips, and more.

If you are looking for a software vendor that is as concerned about your company's success as you are, you found it!


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