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Micro Digital holds the following US patents.

9,336,072  Event group extensions, systems, and methods

An operating system uses non-bit aligned test masks to encode compound logical tests within the test mask. Generally, a bit within the test mask will indicate whether the test mask is a bit-aligned test mask or a non-bit-aligned test mask. If the system detects that the test mask in a non-bit-aligned test mask, the system will traverse the test mask to extract bit-aligned sub-masks and perform multi-level logical tests with the bit-aligned sub-masks. Such a system is particularly useful when performing a compound AND-OR logical test involving mutually exclusive event group flags. Full Text

9,424,027  Message management system for information transfer within a multitasking system

This invention bridges the gap between bare-block messaging for I/O and exchange messaging for inter-task communication by providing a message make service to make exchange messages from bare-block messages during input and a message unmake service to do the opposite during output. This invention also introduces new capabilities for message broadcasting by using broadcast message exchanges and message multicasting and distributed message assembly by using proxy messages. Full Text

10,318,198  Optimizable heap for embedded and similar systems with enhanced debugging and self-healing

Provides a bin-type heap where bin sizes can be easily customized to the exact requirements of a specific system by means of a bin size array, thus resulting in greater efficiency and better performance. Also provides enhanced debugging support and self-healing. Intended primarily for embedded and similar systems, which require high performance, deterministic operation, efficient memory utilization, high reliability, and which are characterized by limited block size requirements and ample available idle time. Full Text

10,635,831  Method to achieve better security using a memory protection unit

Provides a method to control the Background Region of a Memory Protection Unit (MPU) in order to create isolated privileged tasks (ptasks), which are an important step in the process of converting ordinary tasks to unprivileged tasks (utasks) and which also offer improved security and reliability in privileged mode. Full Text

11,010,070  Methods for aligned, MPU region, and very small heap block allocations

Provides an efficient method for aligned heap allocations based upon spare space management, provides an efficient method for MPU region allocations based upon aligned subregion allocations, and provides integrated block pools for small data blocks with heap backup if size or alignment requirements cannot be met from pools or pools are empty. The operation of malloc(), calloc(), realloc() and free() on pool blocks versus heap blocks is transparent to application code. These methods are suitable for limited-memory, real-time systems as well as for general-purpose systems. Full Text

11,132,305  Automatic static region generation for memory protection units (MPUs)

This invention presents a method for error-free, automatic generation of regions for Memory Protection Units (MPUs) to ease development of systems, using MPUs. Full Text

11,256,631  Enhanced security via dynamic regions for memory protection units (MPUs)

This invention relates to the use of dynamic MPU regions to enhance the security and ease of development of multitasking embedded and similar systems. Full Text

11,283,776  Tunnel portals between isolated partitions

This invention presents a method to create tunnel portals for exchange of information between client and server partitions by using protected messages. Tunnel portals replace function call APIs in order to achieve full isolation between client and server portals for security. They are capable of performing efficient multiblock data transfers as well as exchanging commands and responses. Client access to tunnel portals is limited at run time and can be priority-based. Servers can have multiple tunnel portals to access multiple subservers. Full Text

11,461,141  Methods to deal with insufficient memory protection unit (MPU) regions

This invention presents methods to utilize more regions for tasks than the number of slots in a memory protection unit and to efficiently distribute regions between multiple tasks within a partition. Full Text



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