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Here are examples of what our customers have to say about our products and support. You'll notice many positive comments about our support, which is no surprise to us, because we emphasize it over product development. This partial list will give you an idea of the enthusiasm of Micro Digital customers!

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"The use of the SMX products in our device has been a huge benefit, in many ways. It first and foremost allowed us to rapidly create a working device, but also the support we received from Micro Digital was excellent. Not only were they there to help us on the design side, but they also connected us to engineers who were a pleasure to work with. The SMX products will be an integral part of our designs for years to come."

JR Burningham
Epion Technologies
Ventura, CA

"Once again we really appreciate your way of working with us. It feels much more like a partnership than a customer/vendor relation. That is great."

Søren Ilsøe
Phase One A/S
Frederiksberg, Denmark

"Metrotech has designed Blackfin DSP based solutions for our underground locating instruments for the last six years, using a variety of third party drivers and RTOS frameworks. We found the Micro Digital USB device stack library after realizing that ADI's driver support for the on-chip USB hardware had a larger footprint than our constrained system could handle. Our engineer easily incorporated the smxUSBD software into our system, which uses the new BF524 DSP. Within a day he completely ported our legacy embedded codebase (that utilized UART communications between older Blackfins and a PC host) to the embedded USB hardware on the BF524, all without modification to the PC host software. This saved us a lot of development effort."

Jim Waite
Metrotech Corp.
Santa Clara, CA

"The performance of the [GoFast floating point] library has been exceptional, making our software run 3 times faster. It is not often you get a silver bullet in software, but in this case we did."

John Saunders
Bella Vista NSW Australia

"We had been using the LWIP network stack in our project and had been running into many problems with it. After spending more than a month updating and fussing with the LWIP code we decided to look for another network stack. Since we already use smxFS and have had great success with it we purchased the smxNS product. It took us less than a week to get up and running and had everything working much better than the LWIP had run in another week. The source code is well documented (something that LWIP lacks) and is well supported by Micro Digital. That is why we like using Micro Digital products."

Christopher Favreau
Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd.
White Marsh, VA

"We are very happy with the Micro Digital USB Thumb Drive bundle (for the ISP1362 and ISP1761). Using the Micro Digital USB Thumb Drive bundle we were able to get our USB solution up and running in a short time frame. Also, we are very happy with the excellent tech support Micro Digital has given to us."

Manuel Mallas
Medallion Instrumentation Systems
Spring Lake, MI

"We have been successful at putting our whole application together and linking in your USB and File System drivers to do the functions that we need. Overall, I am impressed with the quality of your product and the general ease with which everything came together. We will certainly call you again for future products that may require similar features."

Paul Nickelsberg
Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting Inc
Maynard, MA

"Thank you again for your help. Your immediate and thoughtful response to my issues allowed me to complete this project on a very tight schedule. It took me approximately 5 days to port your deliverable to our target board and integrate the SMX RTOS, smxFS, and smxFFS with my NAND drivers and deliver a fully working and tested project to my client."

John Sloan
Sloan Development Corp.
Carefree, AZ

Recommendation to colleague: "To date Medallion has been very pleased with the performance of Micro Digital software. It has met all of our expectations. I hope you find it equally satisfying if you choose to use it."

Jim Marks
Medallion Instrumentation Systems
Spring Lake, MI

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am extremely pleased with your USB stack library. I very much appreciate its small footprint, well-documented, well-written and stable ANSI C code. Also, I like the simple, clear and fair licensing structure you have developed. It is so refreshing to receive superb technical support. No unresolved trouble tickets, just quick and correct answers every time! A lot of companies *say* that customer comes first, but Micro Digital actually delivers on that promise before and after the sale. Your USB stack has been instrumental in the success of our product, and I look forward to working with your team on future projects."

Tom Posavec
Biometric Associates, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

"We integrated smxFS into our product with great success. It is working great and I am completely satisfied with your product."

Rex Watkins
Avery Dennison, Printer Systems Division
Miamisburg, OH

First Project: "I am very satisfied with our purchase of SMX and the middleware and all of the great support that we have received."

Second Project: "Just wanted to compliment you on your great service. Yingbo provided a solution to a NAND flash problem I was having in less than a day. Once again, I am glad I chose Micro Digital for my operating system and middleware."

John Holbrook
GE Analytical Instruments, Inc.
Boulder, CO

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Yingbo gave me a huge amount of support in getting the Thumb Drive package integrated with a buggy and thinly documented USB controller. I still have some testing and validation work to do, but thanks to Yingbo's help and input I think the hard work is behind me."

Wes Dodd
OW3 Software Services
Naperville, IL

"I was initially impressed by your documentation when I recommended smxFS to my client. I am still impressed with the documentation, and now I am even more impressed by the expertise displayed in your code. The file system is robust and flexible, and the porting effort was as straightforward as the manual indicated. I cannot recall ever having as good an experience with 3rd party software integration. I will most assuredly recommend Micro Digital to my future clients."

Kevin Troy
Logic Option, LLC
McKinney, TX

"The smx is performing perfectly well, you have done a great job developing this system!"

Steinar Kolnes
Elektro-Automatikk AS

"I use SMX because it has a well-thought-out feature set, excellent APIs, clear and thorough documentation, and excellent support from engineers who really know their products (and embedded systems in general). In addition, the system integration Micro Digital provided between SMX, the PEG graphics library, and the Motorola i.MX demo board was rock solid. I can unreservedly recommend SMX and Micro Digital."

Ethan Grossman
Coast Computer Design
Mill Valley, CA

"I would just like to say that I am very happy with the performance and robustness of the smxFS product. I did not have much trouble at all porting it to work with our sonar data collection system. Creating a driver interface was easy too. The smxFS is working very well in our application. It is money well spent."

Christopher Favreau
Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd.
White Marsh, VA

"The quality and robustness of the SMX kernel, along with excellent support from Micro Digital, have been important factors in the success of a number of Northstar Technologies marine products."

Rich Fine
Northstar Technologies
Acton, MA

"We have been using the smx kernel for quite some time, and it has given our company a stable platform to work with. For us that means that any errors that surface are our own. This is of great importance since it gives you the confidence to look at your own code for any mistakes. Support has been prompt, and even kind enough to point out errors made by us, and the API covers all that's needed. Currently the smx kernel is successfully powering an ARM device with an IP-stack, USB-host, and USB-device."

Kenn Roland
KeRo Systems ApS
Hørsholm, Denmark

"SMX worked perfectly, has continued to work perfectly and gives every indication that it will continue to work perfectly. When I use SMX on a project I can focus on my efforts, rather than problems brought to the table by my tools. And when a problem with my code happens, the SMX support staff are there with suggestions and comments. Why would I ever consider anything but SMX?"

Jay Berg
ICS Electronics
Pleasanton, CA

"Let me take the time to congratulate you for having the best commercial kernel available on the market."

Chu Duong
Vanaco Pty LTD
Ashfield, Australia

"We used smx and smxNet to add internet connectivity to our line of visual display products in record time! We especially appreciated Micro Digital's fantastic after sales support and assistance."

Jerry Easley
SYMON Communications, Inc.
Dallas, TX

"Thanks for the super speedy response!! I really appreciate you guys and if you ever need a reference for a potential sale, send 'em to me... I just can't say enough good things about the way you guys have been there for us!!"

Dale Curtis
TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg Inc
Franklin, NC

"SMX has been a great tool and I am very pleased with its performance."

Andy Turner
Bandag Inc
Muscatine, IA

"We incorporated the SMX real time operating system into our new LAN product and found that it integrated easily. The system calls are intuitive and SMX provided the functionality that we needed."

Gary Meacham
I-O Corporation
Salt Lake City, UT

"It is really nice working with a company that will work with us. That is hard to find sometimes. I couldn't ask for better tech support than what you have given me."

Dan Hughes
Signal Technology Labs
Dayton, OH

"The application was smoothly ported to SMX and met all requirements. The customers are very happy, they say SMX turned out to be as good as it appeared. They would recommend SMX to other people. Congratulations on delivering a good product."
Chris Taylor
Victoria, Australia

"I selected SMX about 5 years ago for use in an embedded hard disk controller. Since then two other in-house projects have used SMX and I have been thanked by those engineers for introducing it into our engineering department. SMX has met all of our requirements for quality, price, efficiency, ease of use, documentation and support. I recommend SMX."

Darryl Paffenroth
Harris Digital Telephone Systems Division
Novato, CA

"It is quite reassuring to know that the expert support is at hand."
J.P. Xiong
Tattersall Sweep Consultation
Malvern, Australia

"I found your WWW page from an ad in Embedded Systems Programming magazine, but it wasn't just that which made me visit your site. I used to work at Harris Digital Telephone Systems and we used smx on an embedded hard disk/floppy disk system there about 2-1/2 years ago. Our system comprised about 9 tasks and, once it went to the system verification group, only had ONE bug in it (and it was my fault -- a copy-and-paste error!) From that project, I have a good opinion of the smx product and was glad to see it's still around."
John Monteschio
Next Level Communications

"It's really nice to work with a developer that provides as much support and help as you do."

Jerry Messina
Lucas Weinschel, Inc.
Frederick, MD

"We were up-and-running in twelve hours after Micro Digital delivered smx. smx easily accommodated our very complex communications multiplexing application and has been in the field for more than a year with no problems whatsoever. We are very pleased with the quality of the software, the documentation, the ability to migrate from an evaluation platform, and the technical support."

Michael Chase
COMtrix Systems, Inc.
Boulder, CO

"Thanks to you, our project is working out.... We think highly of your products and support."

Koichi Yamauchi
A-Z Inc.

"I just wanted to let you know that smx really helped us bring our 80188-based system up in a hurry. The time required to port to the target hardware was very short due to the example link/locate code provided. We were ported within a couple of days. In addition, smx's error handling code allowed us to find interesting stack related bugs very quickly. You have a great product which has saved Rose Communications much time."

Ron Wilder
Rose Communications, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

"...our thanks for a stable and well performing operating system you provided us with. We used it as the kernel for the operator panels and announciator displays."

Andreas Stiegler
Wohrle Industrielektronik GmbH

"I found the user's guide to be chock full of good programming tips and information. I'm sure that the average user would require that level of explanation. Personally, I have written a few taskers myself so the concepts of pre-emption and resource conflicts are not new to me. Even so, I was not bored by the discussions and agree with virtually every suggestion of good programming methodology that I found."

Matthew R. Sauble

"...products such as smx have made a vast improvement in productivity and reduced time to market.... The trick to utilizing smx's potential was in its integration with other products. Porting the product from the PC to the target was a snap using smx. Its built-in diagnostics have saved countless hours of debugging time in solving issues such as stack overflow, out of memory conditions, etc.... The smx environment along with the proper set of third party software led to a timely, flexible and reliable product development solution."

Rick Fine
Micro Systems Development Inc.
Carlisle, MA

"The success of our development efforts have benefited greatly from the use of your product from both a cost and features perspective... [We] purchased your product for a satellite communications product that we developed. We have been able to concentrate on our product and its application."

Thomas P. McQuighan
Atlantic Computer Resources, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD

"The powerful kernel functions, rigid data structures, and clean, fluid style resulting from good C coding can be a formidable combination in the right hands."

Bruce R. Koball
Embedded Systems Programming

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