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Customer Products

Below is a showcase of a few products developed with SMX®. Also see our Testimonials page.

The Mileage Ace - Epion Technologies

The Mileage Ace is America's only totally automated, no-brainer solution for tracking business miles. Perfect GPS mileage logs are automatically uploaded over WiFi, straight from the car. Just install it, and forget about it. An awesome solution for both individuals and businesses, The Mileage Ace saves thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours by automatically filling in when you are on business, what your purpose is, and even which client you are working with. The most robust mileage tracking system on the market, The Mileage Ace is in a class of its own. more
IQ2 Series Digital Backs - Phase One

IQ2 digital backs offer stunning image quality with up to 80 megapixel captures. At the heart of these digital backs sit the largest cutting-edge sensors in the market, more than 2.5 times larger than the sensors found in full-frame 35mm DSLR cameras. With these sensors, the IQ2 digital backs are capable of reproducing the finest details in one shot, even in scenes with a wide dynamic range, from virtually pitch black to extreme highlights.

You can connect your iPad or iPhone wirelessly to an IQ2 digital back and enhance your capture process and productivity. When connected, you can control image captures remotely, and incoming or stored images can be reviewed and rated. The larger screen on the iPad makes it easy to judge composition and focus. The wireless capabilities avoid the camera huddle — give a client or art director an iPad with Capture Pilot when working on set, and they can get involved and check and rate the images from afar. In spite of being one of the fastest wireless solutions on the market and even with its two built-in antennas, we've managed to retain the original form factor of the IQ backs. Wireless capabilities are based on smxWiFi and smxNS.   video of wireless capability
CheckPoint Portable/On-Line TOC Sensor - GE Analytical Instruments

The CheckPoint Portable/On-Line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Sensor from GE Analytical Instruments allows you to measure low level total organic carbon (TOC) anywhere, anytime. The first and only battery-powered TOC measuring device can be hand-carried to any point in a water system for rapid diagnostic sampling and troubleshooting or used on-line for continuous monitoring for microelectronics, pharmaceutical and power applications. It has a dynamic range of 0.05 to 1,000 ppb, and can measure TOC in water with up to 1.4 µS/cm conductivity from CO2. CheckPoint also measures conductivity/resistivity and temperature. It features an Ethernet (Modbus over TCP/IP) and a USB port for convenient data download. more
CT Analyzer Current Transformer Tester- OMICRON Electronics

OMICRON’s CT Analyzer is a unique lightweight multifunctional instrument designed to meet the highest standards for performing current transformer (CTs) tests according to international standards (IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, IEEE C57.13). All necessary tests for CTs can be performed (excitation, ratio, polarity and winding resistance) as well as burden-impedance measurement.
The CT Analyzer enables unique automatic testing and calibration possibilities for all types of low leakage flux current transformers on-site in power utilities as well in the laboratory environment. In doing so - the test of current transformers can be done in an unprecedented accuracy. The realized accuracy of 0.02% / 1’ enables the field calibration and verification of class 0.1 CTs for metering. Due to the patented low voltage test method also excitation tests up to 20kV can be done without stressing the insulation and ratio measurements for CTs up to 50kA nom. primary current are possible. The CT Analyzer runs smxFile due to its perfect price-performance ratio and its easy portability to the OMICRON hard- and software.
Xeo Skin Treatment Platform - Cutera

In today's fast-paced aesthetic practices, maximum flexibility and upgradeability is paramount. Whatever your need, the Xeo can provide the most versatile laser and light technologies on the market today. Whether you are interested in skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, vascular therapies - or all the above - the Xeo can accommodate your specific needs through our upgradeable platform. more
8065 Ethernet to GPIB Controller - ICS Electronics

The Model 8065 controls GPIB Instruments from commands that it receives through its Ethernet interface. The 8065 is a VXI-11 compliant device which makes it easily controllable from virtually any computer with a network interface using the VXI-11 protocol and RPC calls over TCP/IP. The 8065 does not require special drivers, can be accessed by multiple clients to solve test problems, and is field upgradeable over the Internet. ICS Electronics has long been a leader in GPIB Interfaces for Test Equipment and is now introducing a new line of Ethernet Interfaces using the concepts in the 8065.
Northstar Marine GPS (DGPS) Integrated Chart Plotters - BNT Marine Electronics

First, there was Northstar's extraordinary position accuracy, remarkable reliability, and Northstar's ease-of-use. Now, Northstar's award-winning DGPS Chart System has all that plus a full-color high-resolution LCD display. Northstar Technologies is the undisputed leader in high-quality, user-friendly GPS/chart plotting systems for both commercial and recreational marine use. By combining the highest quality state-of-the-art GPs technology, Northstar's legendary user-friendly software, and a direct-sunlight-viewable full-color display Northstar has once again set the standard for electronic marine navigation systems. Unmatched for speed, accuracy, and viewability - from direct sunlight to total darkness - the Northstar chart plotters provide you with the ability to navigate with total confidence and peace of mind. The new 6000i Integrated Chartplotter will change the way you think and use electronics. Plotter, radar, sounder, and video are all equally easy to use.
5000 Series Excimer Laser - Cymer

The 5000 KrF excimer laser is a sub 0.25µm DUV illumination source used for IC wafer fabrication. It offers output power exceeding 10W and a repetition rate of 1kHz. Complies with SEMI S2-93 and CE marking requirements.
FETALGARD 3000® Intrapartum Monitors - Analogic Corporation

The IP2 is actually two monitors in one - a true physiologic maternal patient monitor and a true fetal heart rate monitor. With the 3-lead maternal ECG (MECG) cable and the innovative integral 6-inch x 8-inch LCD display, this most advanced fetal monitor becomes a physiologic maternal monitor as well. As such, it can display real-time maternal heart rate (MHR) and respiration rate (RR) waveforms while simultaneously monitoring and printing up to 3 fetal heart rates (FHRs) and uterine activity (UA) chart strips.
TRITON® and APOLLO® Automotive Diagnostic Tools - Snap-on

Whether you're looking for a diagnostic tool for yourself or your shop, you should look into the new TRITON and APOLLO tools with Intelligent Diagnostics. Their advanced features will save you time, boost your productivity, and make you more money by guiding you to the problem — while filtering out unnecessary steps. They also broaden your coverage and capabilities, by quickly allowing you to verify component failures. They're the latest in the smartest, most intuitive diagnostic tools ever assembled.
  • Intelligent Diagnostics: Smart Data automatically configures the display to show vehicle data parameters (PIDs) relevant to the fault code. Non-related parameters are filtered out to save you time.
  • SMX embedded operating system for fast boot and reliable operation
  • OEM-specific scanner coverage for over 40 domestic, Asian, and European makes
EDM-930 Engine Data Management Display for Aircraft - JP Instruments

The EDM-930 constantly watches over the engine while the pilot concentrate on flying the aircraft. It monitors engine conditions four times per second and will alert the pilot instantly if any measurement exceeds the programmed limit. It allows monitoring engine temperatures and voltages, adjusting the fuel/air mixture, and diagnosing engine malfunctions. The LeanFind™ procedure makes it easy to minimize fuel cost. more
Engström Carestation® - GE Healthcare / Datex-Ohmeda

The Engström Carestation is the first critical care respiratory carestation to offer integration throughout the care process. From the ICU to the Step-down unit, this artful expansion of our technology gives you the ability to integrate ventilation with monitoring modules capable of measuring advanced parameters – a first in ventilation and exclusively from GE Healthcare. The Engström Carestation serves as your complete, expandable respiratory carestation for a wide range of patients. It goes much further for clinicians with advanced features, network and integration capabilities, patient care documentation, and medication delivery. Our Datex-Ohmeda patient modules also give you the ability to simply plug directly into the Engström Carestation from our Datex-Ohmeda monitors.
XIOS Controller for Exhaust Aftertreatment - Heinzmann

The modular, universal XIOS controller from HEINZMANN was developed to manage diverse control tasks of industrial combustion engines. It presents an entirely new generation of ECU. It consists of a high-performance main board with high CPU power, large DRAM and FLASH memory. A FPGA logic chip leaves more computing power to the CPU for PLC functions or processor-intensive control tasks. Additional I/O boards can be attached to the main board in different number and type. They are configurable by software, jumperless and small in size. XIOS enables customers to develop their own control functions based on CoDeSys (IEC 61131-3) or MATLAB™/Simulink. It is applicable for alarm and monitoring purposes just as well. Among the various successfully implemented projects is an SCR control system, which lets customers comply with the increasingly strict exhaust limit values for nitrogen oxide in diesel and gas engines. more
7600 Plus Precision LCR Meter - QuadTech

The 7600 Plus LCR Meter performs precision impedance measurements over a frequency range of 10 Hz to 2 MHz. The instrument can measure 14 different impedance parameters with 0.05% accuracy, meeting today's requirements for component and material testing. The ease of use and user-friendly menu programming makes the 7600 Plus ideal for applications in product development, incoming inspections, or production line testing. Test setups can be stored and recalled from either internal memory or a USB memory stick. Measured data can be stored on a memory stick and then transferred to PC for data reduction and analysis.
5T Surround Tracer - National Optronics

The National Optronics 5T Surround tracer is a device designed for use in optical laboratories or by retail opticians. Its purpose is to make accurate 3-D measurements of a spectacle frame or lens pattern so that lenses may be ground to fit precisely into the frame. Accuracy requirements are in the range of +/- 0.1 mm. The design incorporates 4 servo-controlled axes, 3 operating with coordinated motion. The embedded processor is a Coldfire MCF5328. The SMX operating system was selected for the project because of its target-specific feature integration, its wide assortment of device drivers, and value pricing. The project was implemented in C/C++. The executable is built from 98 files with more than 2 million lines of code.
Monarch® Pathfinder® Ultra® Platinum printer - Avery Dennison, Printer Systems Division

The Monarch® Pathfinder® Ultra® Platinum printer, engineered and manufactured by Avery Dennison's Printer Systems Division, is a three in one, handheld scanner, data collector and label printer. By combining the powers of scanning, printing and applying into a unique one-piece solution, the Ultra Platinum printer helps retail supply chain companies significantly reduce the labor hours spent on their most common bar code labeling and data capture applications.
NEO 8000 Tape Library - Overland Storage

The NEO 8000 library from Overland Storage delivers unmatched storage capability for organizations with very large amounts of mission-critical data. NEO architecture has been chosen by thousands of major corporations worldwide as their library-technology-of-choice due to its robust, flexible, reliable design and data center-class capability. No matter what the size of your data center, it is likely experiencing rapid growth in data storage requirements as you move to SAN functionality and consolidate multiple data centers. The NEO 8000 is designed to accommodate rapid growth by easily scaling from as few as 85 to as many as 2,000 cartridges, and from two to forty-eight tape drives.
I-O 5435/5435e Multi-Protocol Print Server - I-O Corporation

I-O AFP/IPDS Print Servers enable IPDS printing over an Ethernet LAN to a PCL 5e laser printer. Two models are available — the I-O 5435 for AS/400 environments and the I-O 5435e, I-O’s Enterprise AFP/IPDS-to-LAN print server for IBM Mainframe environments. In addition to operating as an AFP/IPDS-to-LAN print server for IBM AS/400 and Mainframe systems, these print servers also function as a standard Ethernet print server for Windows, Novell, OS/2 and Unix environments. They can even support IBM SCS printing from IBM hosts. Industry standard TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, and SNA protocols provide the user with printer connectivity to virtually any host or client.

Product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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