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9/9/21:  Achieving Full MCU Partition Isolation

8/16/21:  SecureSMX® Solutions

3/25/21:  SecureSMX®

12/18/20:  CDC-ECM and CDC-NCM driver added to smxUSBH

11/11/20:  CDC-ECM and CDC-NCM driver added to smxUSBD

10/21/20:  NXP LPC55Sxx supported by SMX® ARM Cortex™-M33 RTOS

10/8/20:  802.11ac

6/23/20:  MediaTek MT7612

4/16/20:  Dialog Semiconductor DA1469x supported by SMX® ARM Cortex™-M33 RTOS

1/6/20:  NXP i.MX6 SoloX supported by SMX® ARM Cortex™-A9 RTOS

1/2/20:  NXP i.MX RT supported by SMX® ARM Cortex™-M7 RTOS

7/5/19:  SMX® v5

5/28/19:  MPU Security (Cortex-M Memory Protection Unit)

4/25/19:  eheap™ Enhancements

  SecureSMX® our next generation, secure RTOS enables OEMs to incorporate effective security protection into their devices within reasonable time and cost constraints. It enables dividing software for ARM Cortex-M microcontroller-based embedded systems into isolated partitions. This achieves high security by limiting hacker invasions so they cannot reach sensitive data, keys, passwords, and other vital information, nor access code or I/O in other partitions. Furthermore, it allows focusing scarce programmer talent on strengthening the most critical partitions. Read More

SecureSMX is based on SMX RTOS and middleware, which have been used in hundreds of products over 30 years. Integrated platforms are available for 150+ boards.

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