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smxNS offers a clean, modular design that enables embedded developers to easily add networking capabilities to their real-time embedded systems. It is ROMable and reentrant to ensure compatibility with multitasking operating systems. It can be easily ported to a variety of processors and RTOSs. We ship it ported to ARM, Cortex, and ColdFire for SMX.

Because code and data space are at a premium in small embedded systems, smxNS can be configured to use only those clients/servers, protocols, device drivers, and link layers needed by an application. The basic TCP/IP protocol requires only about 25K bytes on most processors. smxNS provides a choice of device drivers that provide support for most popular embedded network controllers, including 100Mb/s Ethernet devices. smxNS supports standard BSD sockets as well as a simpler interface called Dynamic Protocol Interface (DPI).

The basic package includes: TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, RARP, BOOTP, DHCP c, DNS c, ICMP, SLIP, Telnet s, and TFTP. Available at additional cost are: DHCP s, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, IGMPv2, mDNS, NAT, POP3, PPP, PPPoE, SMTP, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, SNTP, SSH, SSL, and Web Server.

smxNS is a good choice for small embedded systems requiring simple networking features, but for which small size and high performance are necessities.


smxNS6 is a dual IPv4 / IPv6 TCP/IP stack that shares the same codebase with smxNS. This makes it an easy upgrade path for smxNS users. A dual stack implementation contains modules to handle both IPv4 and IPv6 packets that pass through the network layer of the stack. smxNS6 has passed IPv6 Ready testing.


Security has become increasingly vital in communications systems. uSSL and uSSH are integrated with smxNS and smxNS6. uSSL supports SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.2 and allows creating a secure web server and other servers. uSSH provides a secure interactive shell to replace Telnet or can be used to create a secure tunnel.

To learn more see:

  1. smxNS Datasheet
  2. smxNS6 Datasheet
  3. smxWiFi Datasheet
  4. uSSH Datasheet
  5. uSSL Datasheet

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The small footprint smxNS6™ dual IPv4 / IPv6 stack and smxNS IPv4 stack share the same codebase, giving an easy upgrade path for those who may need IPv6 in the future.

  smxNS6 datasheet

   smxNS6 manual
smxNS Features

  • Designed for embedded systems
  • Small code footprint (25K bytes code space for most processors)
  • Small data footprint (7.5 KB RAM per interface)
  • No-copy mode for speed
  • Popular Ethernet drivers are available
  • User configurable
  • ROMable and reentrant
  • Includes complete source code in ANSI C
  • Low-cost and royalty free
  • Ported to SMX® RTOS
  • Runs stand-alone or portable to other RTOSs
  • Processor independent
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