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GoFast® Floating Point Libraries


GoFast® is a family of high-performance floating-point libraries designed for embedded applications. They are ANSI C compatible and are designed to directly replace a C compiler’s runtime floating-point support library or coprocessor). GoFast® boosts the performance of an application’s math calculations or eliminates the need for hardware floating-point coprocessors, in order to reduce product manufacturing cost. GoFast® libraries are reentrant.


  • Fast
  • reentrant
  • ROMable
  • Designed for real-time embedded systems

Floating Point Technology

GoFast is based on US Software’s “Architecture Independent Technology” (AIT) and proven floating point algorithms that the company developed for over a decade. The algorithms have been thoroughly tested using automated methods. GoFast was specifically optimized and integrated for enhanced performance on each supported processor.

“Link and Go” Compiler Solutions

GoFast libraries are specifically integrated for “link and go” operation with each compiler. See the list of target processors and compilers supported, below.

Source Library Solutions

The GoFast IEEE 754 Floating Point Libraries are composed of single precision (32- bit format) and double precision (64-bit format) floating point routines delivered with full source code. Each library has been optimized for speed and space. Users are provided with immediate access to an array of floating point operations including add, subtract, multiply, divide, square root, sine, cosine, tangent, arctangent, exponentiation, log, natural log, and ASCII and integer conversion routines to and from the floating point format. Since source code is delivered, a GoFast® library can be customized to fit specific user application requirements.

Conformance and Testing

The accuracy of each GoFast Floating Point Library is within one (least significant) bit for arithmetic functions and two bits for transcendental functions, in most cases. The IEEE 754 Floating Point Format defines special representations for underflow, overflow, and invalid operation. The GoFast library routines use these formats and adhere to the IEEE 754 error handling procedures in all applicable cases. Quality assurance and testing procedures have assured proper product operation. In addition, each delivery includes target specific test programs assuring confidence of product installation and operation.

Target Processor and Compiler Support

GF-68HC16 includes:
Archimedes/HI-Cross “Link & Go”
Intermetrics2 “Link & Go”
Introl “Link & Go”
Motorola Assembly Library

680x0 / 683xx
GF-M68K includes:
GNU “Link & Go”
Intermetrics “Link & Go”
Microtec “Link & Go”

GF-8051 Franklin/Keil Interface

80x86 Real Mode
GF-BCC Borland “Link & Go”
GF-IC86 Intel iC86 “Link & Go”
GF-MSC Microsoft “Link & Go”
GF-MS72291 MSC to NEC 72291

80286 / 16-bit Protected Mode3
GF-286 includes:
Borland “Link & Go”
Microsoft “Link & Go”

80386 / 32-bit Protected Mode3
GF-HIGHC Metaware “Link & Go”
GF-MPROT Microsoft “Link & Go”
GF-PROT Non-compiler-specific library
GF-WCC Watcom “Link & Go”
GF-WR WindRiver GNU Assembly Library

8096 / 80196
GF-80196 BSO1 C Interface

GF-CF Diab Data “Link & Go”

GF-R3000 includes:
GNU “Link & Go”
Green Hills “Link & Go”
Metaware “Link & Go”
GF-R4000 includes:
GNU “Link & Go”
Green Hills “Link & Go”

NEC V8xx
GF-V83x Green Hills “Link & Go”
GF-V85x Green Hills “Link & Go”

GF-NIOS II GNU “Link & Go”

Power PC
GF-PPC includes:
Diab Data “Link & Go”
IBM “Link & Go”
Metaware “Link & Go”

SH 1, 2
GF-SH7xxx includes:
GNU “Link & Go”

SH 3
GF-SH3 includes:
GNU “Link & Go”
Hitachi C “Link & Go”

GF-SPARC includes:
GNU “Link & Go”
Green Hills “Link & Go”
Microtec “Link & Go”
SUN “Link & Go”

Z80 / Z180 / 64180
GF-Z80 IAR/Archimedes “Link & Go”

1. BSO 8096 C compiler was formerly the Intel iC96 C compiler.
2. The 68HC16 Intermetrics C compiler is a Whitesmith C compiler.
3. x86 Protected Mode versions assume use of the Phar Lap DOS Extender.

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