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Micro Digital offers superior product support and documentation. Both are done by the developers who wrote the code, so they have the expertise to do it well. They are also often able to help with tool problems. You may notice that many customer testimonials praise our support. This is not a surprise because it is a top priority here at Micro Digital.

This support site is dedicated to providing customers with fixes, tips, and other useful information for SMX and related products. The password changes periodically and is emailed to customers who are current on their Maintenance and Support contracts. If you need the password, please e-mail support@smxrtos.com. If your contract has expired, please contact sales@smxrtos or (800) 366-2491 to renew it.

Consultants with SMX experience are another helpful resource.

uLoad and uSSL/uSSH support and updates: Cypherbridge support website

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Tips for Difficult Problems
  • The typical case is that you report the problem to us, and we make suggestions to try. Within a few cycles, most problems are solved.
  • If not, create a minimal test case that demonstrates the problem and runs on the evaluation board we used to test your release. Best is if you can create it from a pure copy of your release with only a little code added. Otherwise, start with a copy of your application and reduce it repeatedly until very little is left.
  • If you can create a minimal case that fails on the evaluation board, send the code to us. When we can get a problem onto our bench running on a standard (tested) platform and with a minimum of other code, we are usually very efficient at solving it.
  • If the test case runs on the evaluation board but not on yours, compare the schematics. You may need to try modifications to your board.
  • If the test case runs on both boards, but the application does not, make the test case and application increasingly similar until the important difference is found. Of course, experiment with a copy of the application.
  • In extreme cases, if the above suggestions do not work, you can contract with us for consulting help. We suggest a PO limited to 20 hours. Ask us for our current rate. If it turns out that it is our problem, we will not charge you. Otherwise we will charge for the hours spent finding your problem. To maximize our efficiency please assemble the full hardware / software development environment, including a laptop, with all development software installed on it, test thoroughly to make sure everything works and the problem can be reproduced, then pack and ship everything to us including power supplies, cables, manuals, schematics, etc. Please also prepare instructions for how to use your system and how to reproduce the problem. Sorry, but we cannot send our product developers to your site. However, we can recommend independent consultants to come help you, if this is what you prefer.
"Once again we really appreciate your way of working with us. It feels much more like a partnership than a customer/ vendor relation. That is great."

Søren Ilsøe
Phase One A/S
Frederiksberg, Denmark
"It is so refreshing to receive superb technical support. No unresolved trouble tickets, just quick and correct answers every time! A lot of companies *say* that customer comes first, but Micro Digital actually delivers on that promise before and after the sale."

Tom Posavec
Biometric Associates, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
"It's really nice to work with a developer that provides as much support and help as you do"

Jerry Messina
Lucas Weinschel, Inc.
Frederick, MD
"Thanks for the super speedy response!! I really appreciate you guys and if you ever need a reference for a potential sale, send 'em to me... I just can't say enough good things about the way you guys have been there for us!!"

Dale Curtis
TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg Inc
Franklin, NC