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GoFast® for 80x86 Protected Mode (GF-PROT)

Fast Floating Point Library


  • Fast
  • Reentrant
  • ROMable
  • Conforms to IEEE 754
  • Includes test programs and make file
  • Source code provided


GoFast® for 80x86 Protected Mode is a floating point emulator for the 80386 and i486SX 32-bit protected mode. GF-PROT supports any 80x86 protected mode processor, which does not contain floating point support in the processor. GoFast provides ROMable, reentrant IEEE and ANSI compatible 80x86 floating point support.


GF-PROT matches the functionality of the 80387 coprocessor. GF-PROT gets control through interrupt 7 (coprocessor not present). The GoFast code will then run and process the floating point instruction in software just as the instruction would have been handled in hardware had a floating-point coprocessor been present.


GoFast for Microsoft C will operate in either a DOS extender environment or an embedded environment. Flat model and segmented model library versions are provided.

GoFast Support

U S Software maintains a test lab where comprehensive confidence tests are performed on GoFast in each target environment. A demonstration test program included with your product delivery, and you are encouraged to run it on your own hardware to verify system operation. Phone and fax support are provided with the product. Extended support is also available.

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