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GoFast® for 80196

Fast Floating Point Library


  • Supports Intel 80196 Compiler
  • Conforms to IEEE 754
  • Includes single and double precision
  • "Link and Go" compiler support
  • Includes test programs and make files


GoFastŪ for 80196 is designed to allow programs developed for the Intel 80196 architecture to access high performance floating point numerics. Since the 80196 chip does not include on-board floating point operations, GoFast utilizes high speed, software floating algorithms. GoFast for 80196 provides "link and go" compatibility with the Intel 80196 compiler. GoFast provides full IEEE and ANSI compatible floating point support.

Floating Point Technology

GoFast for 80196 is based on U S Software's proven floating point algorithms the company has been developing for over decade. The algorithms have been thoroughly tested using automated methods. GoFast was specifically optimized and integrated for high performance on 80196 processors.

GoFast libraries are designed for "link and go" operation with each supported compiler.


GoFast supports C runtime floating point including the following single and double precision routines:

+ - * /
conversion operations
sqrt, sin, cos, tan
log, log10, exp, xtoi

Additional support includes test programs and make files.

Compiler Support

GoFast for 80196 includes dropin libraries for "link and go", seamless operation with the Intel 80196 compiler.

The GoFast routines directly replace the compiler's floating point runtime library routines. In addition, routines normally not supported by the compiler are available with GoFast. An example might be the double precision version of the functions.

GoFast Support

U S Software maintains a test lab where comprehensive confidence tests are performed on GoFast in each target environment. A demonstration test program is included with your product delivery, and you are encouraged to run it on your own target hardware to verify system operation. Phone and fax support are provided with the product. Extended support is also available.

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