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  eheap™ — Embedded Heap

eheap is a bin-type heap manager that provides adaptability, safety, and high performance for embedded systems. It can be tuned to the specific requirements of a system or partition. It is capable of doing aligned and MPU region allocations, and it has unique debug and self-healing features.

eheap will run on any embedded system, with or without an RTOS.

eheap Features

  • Multiple heap support for secure systems. New
  • Aligned allocations. New
  • ARM Cortex v7M MPU region allocations. New
  • Integral 8-byte and 12-byte block pools. New
  • Configurable number of bins and sizes.
  • Deferred free chunk merging.
  • Bin sort and bin seed.
  • Self healing via bi-directional scanning.
  • Debug chunks and statistics aid debugging.
  • High performance and deterministic operation.
  • Small code and data footprint.
  • RTOS and compiler agnostic.
  • Licensed standalone and as part of SMX.

Technical Papers

eheap vs. dlmalloc

eheap provides high performance, adaptability, and safety for embedded systems. dlmalloc is appropriate for large, non-real-time, data-processing systems. Read More

eheap Part 1:  Configuration

eheap offers many options that allow it to be customized to the specific needs of embedded systems and partitions. In addition, it offers simple multi-heap support. Read More

eheap Part 2:  Enhanced Debugging

eheap provides special features to help debug memory leaks, overflows of buffers and stacks, and other heap problems. Read More

eheap Part 3:  Self-Healing

eheap provides self-healing features to help exposed embedded systems better deal with environmental disturbances, malware, cyber attacks, and other problems. Read More

Other Resources

eheap User's Guide (PDF)

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