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In December 2000, Lantronix acquired United States Software. In December 2003, Lantronix passed sales, support, and development of US Software products to us. Micro Digital is now the distributor of these products world-wide, except Japan.

GoFast® - Fast Floating Point Libraries

GoFast floating point libraries are fast because they are written in assembly language and tuned for each supported processor. GoFast boosts your application's math calculation performance and eliminates the need for hardware floating point processors for most applications. GoFast is the ultimate alternative for the hardware FPU and helps to keep your manufacturing costs to a minimum.

Soft-Scope®, CSi-Mon, CSi-Locate, USLink - Debugger, Monitor, Linker/Locator

Soft-Scope is a simple debugger for x86 real mode and protected mode applications. It offers remote debugging with the CSi-Mon monitor, which can be resident in target ROM. CSi-Locate is a locator for locating .exe files produced by Borland, Microsoft, and Watcom C/C++ compilers. USLink is a full linker/locator

MultiTask!®, SuperTask!®, USFiles®, USNet®
These products are no longer available, but existing customers can buy additional licenses from us for new projects. Instead we recommend smx, smxFS, smxNS. smxNS is based on USNet.

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