STMicroelectronics is a partner of Micro Digital and we provide support for their ARM and Cortex-M3, M4, and M7 processors. SMX ARM RTOS currently supports the following STMicro processors:

  • STM32F1 (STM32F101, STM32F102, STM32F103)
  • STM32F1 Connectivity Line (STM32F105, STM32F107)
  • STM32F2 (STM32F205, STM32F207, STM32F215, STM32F217)
  • STM32F3 (STM32F302, STM32F303, STM32F313, STM32F373, STM32F383)
  • STM32F40/1 (STM32F405, STM32F407, STM32F415, STM32F417)
  • STM32F42/3 (STM32F427, STM32F429, STM32F437, STM32F439)
  • STM32F74/5 (STM32F745, STM32F746, STM32F756)
  • STR71x (STR710, STR711, STR712, STR715)
  • STR75x (STR750, STR751, STR752, STR755)
  • STR91x (STR910, STR911, STR912)

We offer free SMX ARM RTOS Evaluation Kits for these boards: STM3210B-EVAL, STM3210C-EVAL, STM3210E-EVAL, STM3220G-EVAL, STM32373C-EVAL, STM3240G-EVAL, STM32429I-EVAL, STM32F207ZG KickStart, STM32F3 DISCOVERY, STM32F4 DISCOVERY, STM32F429I DISCOVERY, STM32F407ZG KickStart, STR710-EVAL, STR711 KickStart, STR750 KickStart, STR912 KickStart. These kits are full working copies of the SMX ARM RTOS, including the smx multitasking kernel and smxAware with GAT.

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