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USB Multiple Virtual Serial Port Solution

Costa Mesa, California, March 4, 2008 - Micro Digital Inc. is pleased to announce that it has released a USB multiple virtual serial port (MVSP) solution for embedded systems. MVSP consists of a multiple serial port function driver that runs with Micro Digitalís smxUSBD™, USB device stack in the embedded device, and a custom multiple serial port class driver that runs with the Windows USB host stack. Hence, when the embedded device is connected to a Windows computer, multiple USB virtual serial ports will be recognized in the device and a Windows® application can communicate with each of them independently.

Some applications use this capability to connect to multiple UARTs in the embedded deviceís processor. Then the Windows application can communicate directly with devices connected to these UARTs. Other applications use virtual serial ports to connect to memory or other units within embedded device. This can be used for gathering information or testing the embedded device. MVSP offers the further advantage that it requires only two endpoints per virtual serial port vs. the customary three. Hence, even USB device controllers with very restricted endpoints can support multiple serial ports.

By using the Micro Digital Composite USB Device Framework, MVSP can be combined with other USB function drivers such as mass storage. Thus, the embedded device could look like both a USB disk drive and multiple serial ports, simultaneously, to a Windows computer. Micro Digital also offers function drivers for Ethernet over USB (RNDIS), which allows accessing a web server in the embedded device without an Ethernet or PPP connection, and audio with MIDI.

Pricing and Availability
MVSP is available now. The price for a single-product, royalty-free license is $2,000 for it and $4,000 for smxUSBD.

About Micro Digital
Micro Digital, Inc is located in Costa Mesa, California. Micro Digital has been in the embedded systems business for over 30 years and has been producing SMX for 19 years. The company is dedicated to providing quality products and support for embedded systems developers at moderate prices.

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Press contact:
Betty Martin-Danner
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