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Micro Digital Announces SMX® v4

Costa Mesa, California, October 27, 2010 — Micro Digital is pleased to release SMX v4. After 20 years and many successful customer projects, the smx multitasking kernel API has been renamed and modernized, a centralized porting layer has been created, and the entire SMX codebase has been cleaned and restructured to provide a solid base for future product development. “I am extremely pleased with the result. This new infrastructure will serve us well as the foundation for SMX product development for many years to come,” said David Moore, Director of Development.

A significant improvement in SMX v4 is the addition of a new module called smxBase. It has been developed to include a common porting layer for all SMX middleware products. The new porting layer has been implemented for many popular RTOSes as well as standalone operation. It also includes all of the common BSP functions (or Hardware Adaptation Layer) that gives SMX its run-out-of-the-box capability. smxBase is now the foundation for all SMX products. “A significant proportion of our sales are comprised of the excellent SMX middleware,” according to Craig Hutcher, MDI Sales Manager. He continues, “Many customers find that our middleware offers outstanding value and reliability and they want to use it, even though they have already chosen another RTOS or prefer no RTOS. smxBase will make it much easier for Micro Digital to satisfy this need and for our customers to integrate our middleware into their projects.”

For much of the past decade, Micro Digital has focused on the creation and enhancement of its middleware products. Ahead of competitors, it released its 802.11 WiFi stack in 2008. A couple years before, it had become a frontrunner in embedded USB solutions. Now Micro Digital is returning to its roots and focusing on the smx multitasking kernel. This release provides a solid base for planned future improvements to it. “A few improvements to the kernel have been made, but mainly v4.0 has centered around infrastructure changes. Expect to see new kernel features and improvements in future v4.x releases,” promised Ralph Moore, smx Architect and founder of Micro Digital.

For more information about SMX v4, please visit

Availability and Licensing

SMX v4 is available now and includes full source code, 90 days of technical support, and no per-seat charges. All of Micro Digital’s software is royalty free and is sold with a 30‑day money-back guarantee. Full Evaluation Kits are available, at no charge, from

About Micro Digital

Micro Digital, Inc. has been in the embedded systems business for 35 years and has been producing and selling embedded software products for over 20 years. Micro Digital is dedicated to providing quality products and support for embedded systems at moderate prices. We may be contacted at (714) 437-7333 or email

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