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Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, California, April 3, 2006 - Micro Digital Inc has announced the release of SMX.Blaze at an introductory price of $15,000, including a no-royalty product license. "A large segment of the embedded market needs an integrated networking and multitasking solution for building embedded systems. SMX.Blaze meets that need at an affordable price for small to medium OEMs." stated Ralph Moore, President of Micro Digital Inc.

Two principal components of SMX.Blaze are the smx kernel, a hard real-time multitasking kernel and smxNS a compact TCP/IP stack. smxNS includes standard low-level protocols (ARP, etc) as well as DHCP, FTP, Telnet, and BOOTP. SMX.Blaze delivers good network performance while allowing important application tasks to run at higher priorities. Both products have been extensively used in existing designs and are thoroughly field-proven.

To get projects off to a fast start, SMX.Blaze includes processor-specific startup, interrupt, memory, and timing code and Ethernet and UART drivers. To ease product development, SMX.Blaze features tight integration with popular tool suites. It comes with one seat of smxAware and one seat of smxSim. smxAware provides kernel-aware debugging and Graphical Analysis Tools that display timeline graphs of ISRs and tasks showing when each ran and why it stopped. smxSim permits task and network development to proceed without target hardware. It runs under Microsoft Visual Studio and includes smxAware.

File I/O, USB host and device support, GUI, network applications, device drivers, and more can be added from the extensive Micro Digital product line to create complete solutions.

SMX.Blaze is now available for ARM, ColdFire, and x86 processors. The introductory price of $15,000 includes a no royalty license for one developed product, a site development license, and 90 days of support and updates. See or call (714) 437-7333 for more information.

About Micro Digital
Micro Digital, Inc is located in Costa Mesa, California. Micro Digital has been in the embedded systems business for over 30 years and has been producing SMX for 18 years. The company is dedicated to providing quality products and support for embedded systems developers at moderate prices.

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