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Full USB Support for the NXP LPC3180 Microcontroller

Costa Mesa, California, Mar. 8, 2007 — Micro Digital, Inc, a leader in providing solutions to embedded systems developers for over thirty years, today announced full USB support for the NXP LPC3180 microcontroller. The 32-bit MCU from NXP provides high performance with low power dissipation, and is the first LPCxxxx processor with USB Host and On-The-Go controllers. It has an on-chip vector floating point coprocessor and has the ability to operate in ultra-low-power mode down to 0.9V.

Micro Digital's smxUSBD™ USB device stack, smxUSBH™ USB host stack, and smxUSBO™ OTG add-on have been specifically designed for embedded systems and fully support NXP's LPC3180 Microcontroller. smxUSBD offers a clean, modular design that enables embedded developers to easily add USB device capabilities to their projects. Function drivers are compatible with the corresponding Windows USB class drivers, for easy connection to a PC or laptop. smxUSBH permits easy connection of USB devices to embedded systems, including audio, HID, mass storage, modem, printer, and serial. smxUSBO adds OTG capability to smxUSBD and smxUSBH, making the target a dual-role device that can function both as a USB peripheral and as a limited-capability host.

"Micro Digital is proud to offer full USB support for the LPC3180 in our smxUSB libraries," says David Moore, director of development at Micro Digital. "This is the latest in the series of NXP USB controllers we have supported, starting with the popular ISPxxxx family of external controllers. OTG support required extra effort, which demonstrates our commitment to the NXP USB controllers and ARM microcontrollers," added Moore.

The LPC3180 is the first microcontroller in the NXP LPC3000 family, which is based on the popular, high-performance ARM926EJ-S core. In addition to the USB 2.0 full-speed interface, it also offers many other peripherals including Secure Digital (SD), NAND flash interface, and SDRAM interface.

"The NXP LPC3180 is ideal for a wide range of high-precision applications such as point-of-sale (POS) equipment, medical and industrial devices, global positioning systems (GPS), and robotics," said Axel Wolf, applications manager, product line microcontrollers, NXP Semiconductors. "NXP is excited that Micro Digital is offering full support for the USB on the LPC3180, as well as our other standalone USB controllers."

All Micro Digital products work seamlessly with the SMX® RTOS, or standalone, or may be easily ported to other RTOSs. We offer evaluation kits, at no charge, to qualified evaluators. Free smxUSBD™ USB device stack and smxUSBH™ USB host stack demos can be downloaded directly from All products are licensed on a per-product basis without royalties, and no per-developer charge. Contact Micro Digital directly at for more production information, pricing or other support.

About Micro Digital
Micro Digital, Inc is located in Costa Mesa, California. Micro Digital has been in the embedded systems business for over 30 years and has been producing SMX for 18 years. The company is dedicated to providing quality products and support for embedded systems developers at moderate prices.

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