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Micro Digital Announces GoFast for ColdFire

Costa Mesa, California, December 1, 2008 — Micro Digital Inc. is pleased to announce that the GoFast floating point library has been ported to the CodeWarrior tool suite for the ColdFire processor family.

GoFast is a family of high-performance, reentrant, floating-point libraries designed for embedded applications. They are ANSI C compatible, IEEE 754 compliant, and designed to directly replace a C compiler’s runtime floating-point support (library or coprocessor). GoFast boosts the performance of an application’s math calculations and, in many cases, eliminates the need for hardware floating-point coprocessors. This reduces product manufacturing cost.

Low-level floating-point functions in the CodeWarrior library are coded in assembly, so GoFast offers no speed improvement for them. However, for higher-level functions such as square root, exponent, log, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and others, the performance gain from GoFast is 2:1 to 6:1 and even more. This can result in significant cost savings for GPS, surveying, guidance, and other applications doing intensive trigonometric calculations by reducing hardware cost for a required performance level. Many other types of calculations involve square roots, exponents, logs, and hyperbolic functions. Applications using these can also achieve significant cost savings using GoFast. Applications that are sluggish on particular hardware can show dramatic improvements in responsiveness, thus saving moving to a faster processor.

The accuracy of each GoFast Floating Point Library is within one (least significant) bit for arithmetic functions and two bits for transcendental functions, in most cases. The IEEE 754 Floating Point Format defines special representations for underflow, overflow, and invalid operation. The GoFast routines use these formats and adhere to the IEEE 754 error handling procedures in all applicable cases. Quality assurance and testing procedures guarantee proper product operation. In addition, each delivery includes target specific test programs assuring confidence of product operation.

Pricing and Availability

Available now at $3,500 for a royalty-free, one-product license, with full source code, and 90‑day support.


About Micro Digital

Micro Digital, Inc. has been in the embedded systems business for over 30 years and has been producing and selling embedded software products for 19 years. The company is dedicated to providing quality products and support for embedded systems at moderate prices.

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Betty Martin-Danner
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