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Micro Digital, Inc. to Showcase USB and WiFi at Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose

San Jose, California, Embedded Systems Conference (Booth #3032), Apr. 15, 2008 - Micro Digital, Inc, a leader in providing solutions to embedded systems developers for over thirty years, announced that they will be showing USB WiFi and conducting live USB and SMX demos in their booth at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose.

In addition to its SMX® RTOS, SMX.Blaze™ networking package, and file system products, Micro Digital offers an extensive suite of USB products. This year at ESCSJ, we will be showing the following demos:

  1. USB WiFi: Bring your PDA to see how to wirelessly connect to a web server on an embedded device.
  2. Composite USB Device with simultaneous serial port and mass storage. Do device control while simultaneously writing files to on-board NAND flash.
  3. Multi-port Serial USB Device: Shows how a PC can access multiple real or virtual serial ports on an embedded device via USB.
  4. USB Thumb Drive: Read and write a USB thumb drive and exchange with a PC.
  5. USB RNDIS Device: Access a web server on embedded device via USB connection to a PC — no Ethernet connection required!
  6. Product development demo showing smx, smxNS, smxAware, and other products.

“This will be a good opportunity for developers planning to add USB to their products to see live demos showing various ways to use USB,” said Ralph Moore, Director of Sales at Micro Digital, “ and to learn how easy it is. It also is a great opportunity to see and ask questions about developing with our other products, as well as with USB.”

SMX.Blaze offers a low-cost solution to 32-bit embedded networking: TCP/IP stack with basic protocols, Ethernet driver, real-time multitasking kernel, kernel awareness and simulator, and BSP code for most popular ARM and ColdFire processors — all for the price of a stack. SMX.Blaze is an easy to use solution and allows projects to start quickly. It has a small size and offers good performance.

The Embedded Systems Conference is being held in San Jose April 14-17, 2008 with exhibitions open from April 15-17, 2008. More information on the conference can be found at

About Micro Digital
Micro Digital, Inc is located in Costa Mesa, California. Micro Digital has been in the embedded systems business for over 30 years and has been producing SMX for 19 years. The company is dedicated to providing quality products and support for embedded systems developers at moderate prices.

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