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     Multicast DNS (mDNS)

Multicast DNS is a protocol that allows a host on the network to discover services provided by other hosts. For example, a desktop computer could find a printer on the network without requiring the user to enter the address of the printer. This allows OEMs to create products that simply plug into a network to add services. The device can obtain an IP address via DHCP and then advertise a service at that address via the mDNS Responder.

smxNS offers an mDNS Responder as an optional package. This allows zero-configuration IP networking (zeroconf) with Apple Bonjour and the Linux/BSD Avahi package. With the addition of this feature, it is practical to build a network device that can ship with a default configuration that does not need to be touched by the end user.


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Internet Draft for DNS-Based Service Discovery

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