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Welcome to the Phytec page on the Micro Digital Website. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Phytec to provide SMX RTOS support for their ARM, ColdFire, and Power Architecture boards. We have developed drivers for on-chip USB host, USB device, USB device, Ethernet, NAND, MMC/SD, and LCD controllers for smxUSBH, smxUSBD, smxNS, smxFFS, smxFS, and PEG, respectively.

SMX® ARM RTOS currently supports these Phytec boards:

SMX® ColdFire RTOS currently supports these Phytec boards:

  • phyCORE-MCF548x (5485, 5484, 5483, 5482, 5481, 5480)     (Phytec board)

SMX® Power Architecture RTOS currently supports these Phytec boards:

We offer free SMX RTOS Evaluation Kits for the boards hyperlinked above. These kits are full working copies of the SMX RTOS, including the smx multitasking kernel, smx++, and smxAware with GAT.

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Product Information

smx Multitasking Kernel

     smx Datasheet

smxFFS Flash File System Datasheet

smxFS FAT File System Datasheet

smxNS TCP/IP Stack Datasheet

smxUSBD USB Device Stack Datasheet

smxUSBH USB Host Stack Datasheet

smxUSBO USB OTG Datasheet


Evaluation Kits

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