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January 2006


  1. smxUSBD Device Stack Released
  2. smxUSBH Host Stack Update
  3. smxFS Released
  4. IAR Support
  5. CodeWarrior for ColdFire v6 Support
  6. New Processors Supported
  7. Barracuda WNMP
  8. GoFast for Altera NIOS II Added
  9. smx Version 3.7.0 Released
  10. New Director of Sales and Marketing


1. smxUSBD Device Stack Released

smxUSBD is a full-featured USB device stack that enables embedded developers to easily add USB device capabilities to their projects. This is done to permit connection to a PC, laptop, or other USB Host device in order to transfer data, tables, code, etc. For easy connectivity, smxUSBD includes three class emulators: serial, mouse, and mass storage. Each is compatible with the corresponding Windows USB class driver. Thus, a device using smxUSBD does not require a custom Windows driver in order to connect to a PC or Laptop. Just decide which device connection is most appropriate for your device and use the corresponding API for that device. smxUSBD is portable and can be used stand-alone, with the SMX RTOS, or ported to another RTOS.

2. smxUSBH Host Stack Update

Drivers have been added for Philips ISP1161 and ISP1362 host controllers. smxUSBH continues to undergo improvements.

3. smxFS Released

smxFS is our new file system specifically targeted at flash and other memory storage devices. It currently has drivers for USB flash disk, MMC/SD card, RAM disk, ATA/IDE, and resident NAND flash. CompactFlash and NOR flash support are under development. smxFS supports multiple drives simultaneously. It is portable and can be used stand-alone, with the SMX RTOS, or ported to another RTOS.

4. IAR Support

SMX now supports IAR EWARM. This includes kernel awareness support by smxAware and the Graphical Analysis Tools (GAT). IAR EWARM is now our preferred ARM tool solution. IAR tools focus on the needs of the embedded developer, and their purely embedded roots are evident in their features. The latest EWARM version, v4.30A, is fully supported. Micro Digital resells IAR tools. If purchased with smx, smxAware and GAT are free.

5. CodeWarrior for ColdFire v6 Support

SMX now supports CodeWarrior for ColdFire v6. Very little changed since v5.1, so this was an easy upgrade.

6. New Processors Supported

New Processors Supported.

  • ARM
    • Philips LPC2138 and LPC2294
    • Sharp LH75401 (added PEG and C/PEG support)
    • STMicro STR710
  • ColdFire
    • Freescale MCF521x (5211, 5212, 5213)
    • Freescale MCF523x (5232, 5233, 5234, 5235)
    • Freescale MCF527x (5270, 5271, 5274, 5275)

Free Evaluation kits can be downloaded for each of these from www.smxrtos.com/eval.

7. Barracuda WNMP

WNMP(Web Network Management Protocol) has recently been added to the Barracuda product line. It enables simple and flexible administration and monitoring of embedded systems using ordinary web browsers. In contrast to SNMP, no special administrative program running on the client system is needed. Nor is a MIB or MIB tools required. With WMNP it is easy to administer and monitor an embedded system from any computer, even a modern cell phone.

On the server side, WNMP plugs into the Barracuda Advanced Web-Server. Thus WNMP inherits all features of the Barracuda server such as authentication and authorization, penetration of firewalls, SSL support, and integration with the SMX RTOS.

8. GoFast For Altera NIOS II Added

GoFast is a high-performance, reentrant, floating-point library designed for embedded applications. We have recently extended it to the Altera Nios II processor core. By using the GoFast library, developers can achieve a significant performance boost in their Nios II floating-point operations. Performance increases vary from 3:1 for most arithmetic operations, such as addition, up to 10:1 for more advanced operations, such as arctangent.

9. smx Verision 3.7.0 Released

Various improvements have been made to smx. Some highlights: A mutex was added to the kernel that supports both ceiling and priority inheritance. See www.smxrtos.com/articles/techppr/mutex.pdf. smxAware was improved by adding new displays for messages and LSRs. The heap display and others were improved. Customers can email support@smxrtos.com to request an update.

10. New Director of Sales and Marketing

John Deck has joined Micro Digital as Director of Sales and Marketing. In this new position, John will be responsible for World Wide Sales, Major Accounts, and Marketing. He has held senior sales positions at such companies as Unity Corporation, Software Development Systems, Software AG, and Metrowerks (a Freescale company).

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"We were up-and-running in twelve hours after Micro Digital delivered smx. smx easily accommodated our very complex communications multiplexing application and has been in the field for more than a year with no problems whatsoever. We are very pleased with the quality of the software, the documentation, the ability to migrate from an evaluation platform, and the technical support."

Michael Chase
COMtrix Systems, Inc.
Boulder, CO