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MPU-Plus® — ARM Cortex-M MPU Support

MPU-Plus adds support for the ARM Cortex‑M Memory Protection Unit to SMX®, making it a secure RTOS. The Cortex-M MPU is difficult to use and has significant limitations. The primary goal of MPU-Plus is to make using the MPU as easy as possible, while offering as much protection as possible. A key idea of our approach is to allow progressively increasing the security of a system. (See blog Part 5 below for details about this.)

The MPU is the main means of hardware memory protection available for Cortex-M processors. These processors are in widespread use in small- to medium-size embedded systems. Therefore it is important to use the MPU effectively in order to achieve the reliability, security, and safety that modern embedded systems require. We have written several papers below with detailed information about using the MPU.


  • Adds strong security to existing and new products.
  • Per-task or task group isolation.
  • Supports privileged ptasks and unprivileged utasks.
  • SWI RTOS API for utasks with restricted services.
  • Direct RTOS API for ptasks with unrestricted services.
  • Switched background mode for improved ptask protection.
  • Supports incrementally improving security.
  • Simple to use and effective protection.



For more information, please register or email sales@smxrtos.com.
Indicate your interest in MPU-Plus. Full documentation will be supplied to qualified prospects.

A word from the developer:

Although some RTOSes offer MPU support, little is said about it, suggesting that little was done. I have put a lot of thought into how to make the MPU usable, with all of its limitations, and I have implemented a very good solution. I continue to work on it to add more capabilities.

There is little documentation from ARM, so I have written a series of blogs to explain more about the MPU and how to use it. These are linked above.

While you are here, I encourage you to learn more about SMX RTOS using the links below.

Ralph Moore
smx Architect


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