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  smxMPU™ — smx® for ARM Cortex-M MPU

smxMPU is a version of the smx RTOS kernel that supports the ARM Cortex‑M Memory Protection Unit. The Cortex-M MPU is difficult to use. The primary goal of smxMPU is to make using the MPU as easy as possible, while offering as much protection as possible. A key idea of our approach is to allow progressively increasing the security of a system. See the following links for details.

We continue to enhance the implementation and documentation of smxMPU.
Please check here periodically for updated information.

smxMPU Press Release

smxMPU Manual (PDF) [Rev 1/11/17] 251K

smxMPU Part 1:  Security and the Cortex-M MPU
smxMPU Part 2:  MPU Multitasking
smxMPU Part 3:  Defining MPU Regions

A word from the developer:

Although other RTOSes offer MPU support, little is said about it, suggesting that little was done. I have put a lot of thought into how to make the MPU usable, and I have implemented what is likely the best solution.

Also, there is little documentation from ARM. I am writing a series of blogs to explain more about the MPU and how to use it. These will be linked above, as they are published.

While you are here, I encourage you to learn more about SMX RTOS using the links below.

Ralph Moore
smx Architect


smx Kernel

SMX RTOS Products Page

SMX Learning Kits are free, fully functional releases of the smx kernel for non-commercial use in personal and class projects, proofs of concept, and prototypes. They are available for several low-cost boards that are popular in the DIY / Maker community.

SMX Evaluation Kits are available for a much larger number of evaluation boards and include SMX middleware. They require registration, and a sales person will be in contact. Evaluation Kits are intended to allow developers to work with SMX in order to decide whether to purchase a license for their projects.


SMX Modules