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SMX® ARM RTOS currently supports:

  • i.MX     (i.MX1/MXL, i.MX31/MX31L)
  • Kinetis Kxx     (K10, K20, K24, K26, K53, K60, K61, K63, K64, K65, K66, K70)
  • Vybrid VFxx     (VF3x, VF5x, VF6x)

and NXP LPC ARM processors

We offer Free Evaluation Kits for these boards: DragonBall M9328MX1ADS/M9328MXLS, phyCORE-ARM11/i.MX31, TWR-K60N512, TWR-K60F120M, TWR-K64F120M, TWR-K70F120M, TWR-VF65GS10. These kits are full working copies of the SMX ARM RTOS, including the smx multitasking kernel, smxNS TCP/IP stack, and smxAware with GAT. Demos for other peripherals, such as USB host, USB device, and SD, are available at www.smxrtos.com/demo.

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smx Datasheet

Product Information

Processor Support Chart

Evaluation Kits Cortex-A

Evaluation Kits Cortex-M

Evaluation Kits ARM9 and ARM11

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